Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back on the Scene

After a 3 month relationship, I am officially single: Let it be known, I am back on the scene.

In retrospect, there were several signs that I should’ve picked up on.

Sign #1 Every time I called her, she did call me back, but not until after 11pm. Knowing I went to bed early, she called after a certain time so she could just leave me a message and thus avoid talking to me.

Sign #2 I received a couple of random texts that seemed a little off; like she meant to send them to someone else. I’d reply, and then never hear from her again.

Sign #3 When we were hooking up, she called me the wrong name.

Sign #4 She was always busy and tired. She worked from 8-2. That means she was busy from 2-11 everyday including weekends. 2-10, I could see. But 2-11?.

Sign#5 She went to LA for a month to find herself. Any time somebody says this, you know you’re in trouble.

We finally spoke on the phone and I asked why she was avoiding me. Was she seeing someone else? Did I do something wrong? You know, I have feelings too. Then it occurred to me…I was the chick. She was casually dating me having her fun while I was making plans for a relationship. She did to me what I’ve done to most girls I’ve dated. Have my fun. Avoid the talk. Do my own thing. So now I know what it feels like. So the moral of the story is... date several girls at once.


Stella said...

What will happen when you are ready for a relationship again?

SavvyD said...

I write about dating, it's just so tough because of all the games. I just don't get it anymore. Our grandparents didn't date like this!!