Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My first blog: NFL Playoffs

I have no idea if this is going to work or if anyone will read this. But figured this will be an excellent way to procrastinate from getting real work done.



I went to my 1st Patriot's playoff game---it was the 1st time I've ever been to Gilette Stadium. The last game I saw in Foxboro was on September 23, 2001--the 1st game after 9/11. It was also the last time Drew Bledsoe started as a N.E. Patriot and the 1st time we ever saw a guy named Tom Brady. We lost the game, and I got scared when a plane flew over the stadium. How things have changed.

Pre-Game: we parked on a side street in front of some random suburban house. We walked through someone's backyard, into the woods, over a snow bank, and "poof" we were in the stadium. It was like the scene in Goodfellas/Swingers when they walk through the kitchen and then their inside the club.

We "sat" in our standing room seats which had a decent view of the field. It was so COLD I actually used foot and hand warmers. It was kind've like taking a chair lift to the top of the mountain, and then just hanging out up there for 6 hours. Imagine being a player; then imagine being at Lambeu field.

An attendant warned us that there would be a flyover and it would be "wicked loud." He lied. It was actually "wicked awesome!"

"KEVIN DOESN'T LIE" A vague text prediction from my buddy Adler before the game.

"FAULK YOU SAN DIEGO." A text from my buddy Bobby after the game.

Faulk and Maroney played great, and so did their over-the-hill 30-something year-old guys on defense. Let's be honest---it wasn't the most entertaining game to watch--reminded me of the Patriots from a few years ago---grind it out on offense, bend-don't break on defense. Win ugly, but still win.

Welker: he had 2 tackles after INTs. It went unnoticed, but I'm telling you, after Cromartie's returns last week, they were big tackles.

Rivers and LT: I don't get it. LT was listed as probable all week and played in only 3 plays. And Rivers was doubtful and played the whole game in a gutsy performance. Boomer Esiason was the only guy in the booth that had his back. I understand that Rivers could've hurt his team, but just ask Luis Castillo if he earned his team's respect. And who knows what they thought about LT...

A kleenex for the whale's vaginas: Last year, the Patriots were classless. This year Seymour was dirty. You would think San Diego would shut their mouth after they lose to the Patriots. Stop whining and go to the beach.

Good looking female fans: San Diego 56 vs. New England 0.

New England Fans: We win and are heading to the Super Bowl, 18-0. The Celtics are 33-6. The Red Sox have 2 World Series in 4 years. So why were there so many fights on Sunday? People were pushing, some guy ripped apart the ketchup stand, and one dude tried to pick a fight with a 9th grader who "stole" his seat. What is wrong with these people? These lunkheads drink a few beers, and suddenly it's chaos. Not only that, they got all "Dan Shaugnessy" at the start of the 4th quarter decalring the game was over and that we're heading to the Super Bowl. I'm looking forward to watching a lunkhead-free game at my friend's place on Feb. 3rd.


Donald Driver--90 yd TD catch. Of course once my fantasy season ends, he starts making these plays.

Being an Objective Fan: Man, if I was a fan of either team, I would've had a heart attack. It was nice to watch and just imagine the pain and agony my friend's were going through. My friend's wife had a great quote: "Why do you spend all week looking forward to being put through torture for 3 hours?" I don't know. We just do. My Mom had a great quote too: "Why does that kicker come on and keep missing?" She also said that Tom Coughlin looked like he was dying.

The Giants should've blown out the Packers. Did Favre even complete a pass after the 3rd quarter? He looked bored. On the other hand, the Giants played really well. A solid running game mixed with a mistake-free Eli= success. So Tynes missed 2 FGs, but he made the 3rd. I know after the game Coughlin was quoted as saying: "As long as you try your best and have fun, that's all that matters." And now the NYG are going to the Super Bowl.


The NYG will go into the Super Bowl with a 10-1 record on the road; that's absurd. Of course, they still go in with the 2nd best road record: the Patriots were 8-0. They combine for an 18-1 road record; a stat that I don't think will ever be matched.

More to come soon...

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