Thursday, May 8, 2008

Iron Man

Yes, another comic book movie. I always think of my buddy MB when another comic book movie comes out. He has a comic/figurine collection to rival Andy Stitzer from The 40 Year-Old Virgin. In fact, he has his own comic book coming out next month. So when MB recommends a comic movie, I usually see it.

My expectations were limited. Let’s be honest, Iron Man is not a very impressive name. It reminds me of one of the bad guys from Mega Man—which was a great game by the way. But MB said to see it, so I did.

The first hour is awesome. It’s dark, funny, and edgy. Think Entourage, but with more money, hotter girls, and cooler gadgets. Downey Jr. is funny as hell with his misogyny and wise-ass comments. The movie gets dark once he gets taken hostage. He’s thrown in a cave, and his mission is to build his new weapon for some bad guys. Instead, he builds something else. Alas, Iron Man is born.

He escapes and we get to see him develop a newer and cooler version of Iron Man. He beats up some bad guys in a way that reminded me a lot like Transformers. In fact, the whole movie reminded me of it. Great 1st hour with sick action scenes and funny dialogue. And then we get to the second hour…

The 2nd hour kicks in and everything slows down. The plot gets a little silly, and things aren’t quite as fun. In the 1st hour, there’s some good old sexual tension between Downey Jr. and Gwenyth “Where have you been?” Paltrow. And in the second hour, it’s just forced. There’s less ass kicking and more “character’ and “plot” development. The director, Jon Favreau, (yes, that’s Mikey from Swingers) then falls in love with the special EFX button. And much like Transformers, the action scenes, get a little repetitive. There’s even the painful “family action scene” in which Iron Man saves an annoying mother and her kids from the bad guy.

The tone of the film starts out like a Batman (dark, edgy) and turns into a Spider-Man (cute and cheesy.) So I guess if you love both those franchises, you’ll really enjoy this. I, for one, like dark and edgy so I found the 1st hour to be great, and the 2nd hour to be a little slow and tiresome.

I kind’ve yearned for some 80’s action. Screw the plot. Just show Iron Man kicking everyone’s ass. To quote Roddy Piper from They Live: (John Carpenter’s movie where Piper finds a pair of sunglasses that lets him see aliens---a definite 80’s classic) “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum.” (For you trivia fans, a variation of this quote was later used in Dazed and Confused.)

So let’s hope in the sequel, Iron Man spits out his last piece of gum. It would also be cool if he had a cape.

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lavel said...

Iron Man rocked the box office. If you didn't like movie don't down it for others.