Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiger Woods to Play Point Guard for Celtics

Before sports fans got ready to watch Game 5, they tuned in to see if Tiger could do it again. Tiger, in clutch fashion, calmly knocked in a long putt to force an 18-hole playoff. When the pressure’s on, is there anyone else that is more reliable?

The Celtics could have used him on Sunday Night. I was going to title this piece Happy Father’s Day and write how I didn’t buy my dad an actual present because the Celtics winning the championship would be all he needed. Unfortunately, it was not in the cards.

It was no fault of Pierce who tried to do his best Tiger Woods impression. But basketball is a team game. Pierce is proving his greatness this series, but like Kobe, LeBron, Larry Legend, Magic and even MJ have learned, you can do almost everything, but you can’t do it all.

The amazing feat about Game 5 is that Pierce almost disproved that theory. He drove to the basket at will, had 38 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, and played all 48 minutes. But it was the one turnover that lead to a Kobe dunk, and a 4 point swing that iced the game. Some argued it was a Kobe foul, but it was clean enough. The interesting aspect of that steal is that it was on lazy defense. Pierce was one dribble away from slicing through the soft Laker D again. Kobe was already beaten so he went for the last second poke, got his hand on the ball, and insured his team another flight into Boston.

The Celtics have prided themselves on playing as a team, but nobody seemed to show up on Sunday night. Ray Allen played well enough, and James Posey took a charge and knocked down some shots. But where was everyone else? Most of the blame is squarely on KG who admitted to playing like garbage. I will be shocked if he doesn’t play a ferocious game 6. He has come too far and worked too hard to put in another Greg Kite-esque performance.

I Hate Derek Fisher

I still can’t stand this guy.

Who’s Gonna Play Point Guard?

Rajon Rondo? He helped carry the Celts to the finals, but he is finished for this series. In the 1st quarter, he passed up a WIDE OPEN lay-up. Instead, he kicked it out to Pierce for a 3. Whether Pierce knocked it down is not important (he missed), it’s the fact that Rondo is terrified of shooting the ball. Remember in White Men Can’t Jump when Snipes intentionally loses a game to con Woody. He uses his fancy moves only to pass up wide open lay-ups and instead kick it out to a covered Harrelson. I’m not implying that Rondo is throwing the game. I am implying that the Celtics aren’t going to the Sizzler until Rondo learns to shoot.

Eddie House? I love Eddie, but he’s not a true point guard. One play, the Lakers baited him into driving the lane. When they closed in on him, he panicked and threw the ball away. He is not a penetrator; he’s a “knock down” shooter. (Thank you, Mark Jackson.) And while he’s in, Ray Allen should bring up the ball especially if Farmar is in the game.

Sam Cassell? He actually played decent in Game 5. He had a nice offensive stretch, and didn’t take many “hero” shots or as I call them “moron” shots. But I still cringe when I see him on the court. He should not be in for more than 5 minutes.

Tony Allen? What the hell? He’s still on the team. He came out of nowhere and actually played OK. But he’s not a point guard either. And I have no idea how he moves around with that giant knee brace. The Celtic’s cannot turn to their 11th man (Big Baby is 12) to lead them to a championship.

Doc Rivers? In 13 total seasons, Doc averaged 11 points and 6 assists per game. He could wear a jersey under his suit and be the 1st player-coach to win the title since Bill Russell.

Lucky the Mascot? He has the uncanny ability to spring off a trampoline, do a flip in the air, and slam the ball through the hoop. But his skills may not translate as trampolines are rarely allowed on the courts during games.

Tiger Woods? I’ve never seen him play ball before, but I’ve never seen him lose before either.

The Celtics are going to have to pick their poison. Let’s hope the big 3 plays so well that it won’t matter who's playing point guard.

One More Win

Tiger won another Championship on Monday. He overcame his injuries and proved why he is the best. We’ll see if the Celtics can do the same on Tuesday night.

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