Monday, October 13, 2008

Little Things That I Think Are Cool

The other day I left a restaurant and was walking home. I was a block from the restaurant when I saw the waiter chasing me down. My negative instincts took over. What, did I not tip him enough? Is he upset with me? What is this guy doing? He finally caught up to me and handed me my jacket which I had forgotten in the restaurant. I thanked him and smiled. What a cool thing to do.

My last post was about little things that annoy me. Sometimes, I complain so much that I forget about things that are cool. I think it’s only fair to focus on the positive as well.

Little Things That I Think Are Cool

1) Finding Money in Your Pocket

This has happened to all of us and it is very cool. You throw on a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a while. When you dig into the pocket, you find some cash. It may only be a one or a five, but it’s not really about the money. It’s about random luck. It puts you in a good mood. You may even tell your friends about it: “I found 5 bucks in my back pocket today…how cool is that?” Very cool.

2) Your Favorite Song(s) or Movie(s) is on the Radio or TV

It doesn’t matter if you have the CD or DVD, if one of your favorite songs or movies comes on, you are psyched. Sure, you can listen to it anytime, but there’s something special and random about it. I have a copy of Back to the Future on my shelf and can watch it whenever I want. But if I’m flipping the channels and it’s on TV, I’m watching the whole thing right then and there.

3) Hot Girl Smiles at You

One of the greatest feelings in the world is walking down the street, minding your own business, when you suddenly pass a stunning, beautiful woman. Nowadays, most people walk with their head down, and avoid eye contact at all costs. But this time, the gorgeous woman gives you a warm smile. I don’t know if the hot girl realize this, but that smile could make an ordinary guy’s day, week, or even month. The guy will proudly tell his friends about it. He’ll remember it for a long time. It’s sad to say, but it’s true. A hot girl smiling at you is very cool.

4) When People Ask: “Have you been working out?”

This is the coolest. I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, (the female version could also be: “Have you lost weight?”) this makes you feel damn good. If you have been working out, it’s great knowing that people can tell. If you haven’t, I’d argue that’s even cooler. I remember coming back from Vegas a few months ago. I certainly was not there to work out. But when I came back, I looked tan (it’s also cool when people say: “you look tan.”) I must’ve looked relaxed and fit because several people asked if I’d been working out. I thought it was cool. I should go to Vegas more often.

5) Three Simple Words: “On the House.”

There’s nothing much better then hearing these three words. It usually occurs in a bar, but other places occasionally break it out as well (restaurants, ice cream shops, bowling alleys.) You don’t know what you did to deserve it, but it feels damn good. Maybe they feel bad for you, or the guy behind the counter got laid the night before, but either way, you get something for free. It’s a very cool feeling.

6) Plays of the Week

Men may only identify with this, but women, you should get on board too. Plays of the week show the most unbelievable, thrilling, crazy plays in sports. It’s two minutes of joy and excitement where each play seems to be better then the next. If I’m in a social setting, and the Plays of the Week come on, the conversation is over. POTW must be watched. It automatically puts me in a good mood. Very cool.

7) Finding a Shortcut

Your drive to work/school is the same thing every single day. It’s a mundane routine. Take a left at the Dunkin’ Donuts. Right at the Walgreen’s. Boring. But then one day, it hits you. You wonder what would happen if you took that side road that you pass everyday. You try it and it ends up being a shortcut; you actually save a few minutes and avoid some traffic. You proudly tell your friends about it, but only your close ones, because you don’t want everyone finding out. Every time you make the shortcut you feel a sense of power and pride. It’s definitely a cool feeling.

8) The Head Nod

The head nod is a very subtle, but useful, motion that can be very cool. I need to clarify that I’m not referring to the condescending head nod that the d-bag would use to show he’s better then you. I’m referring to the head nod where a connection had been made.

For example, you’re walking through New York with your Red Sox hat on, and you pass another person doing the same. Instead of talking, you each perform the head nod. A connection has been made. The head nod can also be used on the basketball court. You make a great pass, and your teammate scores. You don't need to say anything to each other. Instead, a pair of head nods conveys the mutual respect. The head nod is also great to avoid conversation. If you see someone from a distance, but don’t want to speak with them, just perform the head nod. The person feels good for being recognized, but you don’t have to waste your time talking to them. If used properly, the head nod is both versatile and very cool.

9) Getting a Random E-Mail or Phone Call from an Old Friend

When you check your email or phone messages, it’s almost always the same people. Your Mom called again to try to set you up with someone; your friend called to complain about her love life; another work email; another spam email from Dr. Mercola on how to increase your size. It’s tiresome. But every once in a while, you get an email or phone call from a friend you haven’t talked to in forever. It’s hard to overcome the excitement. You’ll have so much to talk about. And you feel extra good knowing an old friend from years ago was thinking about you. Because of sites like Facebook, this is becoming more common, and I think it’s cool. Sometimes, people are apprehensive about contacting an old friend, acquaintance, and/or co-worker since it’s so out of the blue. But go for it. I guarantee they’ll think it’s cool.

10) The Lunch Special & Happy Hour

When I lived in Spain, there was something called the Menu Del Dia. You got an appetizer, lunch entree, dessert, and a bottle of wine for chump change. You left full, drunk, and happy. The lunch special in the States isn’t nearly as cool, but it’s up there. Not every restaurant does it so when you find a good one; it puts a smile on your face. The most common lunch special is at Chinese food restaurants. I stopped eating Chinese food for dinner because of the lunch special. Why would you spend $15 for dinner when you could get the same thing for $5 at lunch? It makes no sense. Lunch specials are the coolest, and I recommend you take advantage of them.

Happy hour is lunch special-esque. Who doesn’t like discounted alcohol? Buy one; get one free. Sweet! The happy hour has saved me hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars. If you’re an avid dater, the happy hour is quite the blessing.

11) People That Let You Cut in Line

You’re waiting in line to buy one thing. You have exact change and know the purchase could be made in under 30 seconds. Unfortunately, the person in front of you has a cart of goods, and could take15 minutes to finish. It’s an agonizing feeling. You want to say something, but know you can’t. Then suddenly, the person in front of you lets you go. It’s very cool and you thank them a million times. That person should be commended.

On the flip side, if they don’t let you go, that person is very annoying, and should be punished in some way. But I’ll write about that when I do my “People Who Annoy Me” post.

12) School/Work is Cancelled

When you were a kid, there was nothing better than waking up to a huge snow storm. You and your brothers/sisters huddled around the TV to see which schools were closed. When your school flashed across the screen, it was absolute joy. It meant you could go back to sleep, or venture outside for sledding, snow angels, and snowball fights. The coolest!

It rarely happens as an adult, but every once in a while, work gets cancelled. It could be due to the weather, a natural disaster, or an error in the work schedule. Who cares? As long as nobody gets hurt, it’s all good. Since it happens so rarely, when work is cancelled, you take advantage of that day. You cherish it. And you remember it for a long time.

Homer Simpson states it best when it comes to days off:

Marge: Work called. They said if you don’t come in on Friday, then don’t bother coming in on Monday.

Homer: Woohoo! Four day weekend!

13) When People Comment on My Blog

Thanks to those who have; I think it’s the coolest!


IB said...

Great post. It's a cool thing to think about cool stuff as opposed to thinking about just the little things that bug us. I should try it some time!

There are a couple of music videos posted on my blog that always pick me up. Check out the one featuring Ray Charles and Billy Preston. Very Cool!


Todd said...

When you're speeding a little bit and pass a cop all of a sudden, and he DOESN'T turn on the blue lights.

That's cool too!

Marcy said...

Love the post! It was great catching up on the phone yesterday. It's been too long. That was very cool!

Anonymous said...

Yup, a cool post. We all too often think about the negative things in life. It's nice to stop for a moment and think about the good things.


Car90x said...

haha! this post speaks so many truths! great read my friend!

my favorite thing is when you have that well-deserved chill-day, and it was worth the wait! :)

keep it up!

Janae said...

Loved your post. It is awesome finding $5 dollars in your pocket on a broke day. : )

gaf85 said...

You mentioned people who wear Red Sox baseball caps but alas our team isn't doing well in the playoffs. The Rays may be heading for the American League Pennant.I still remain a big fan.Enjoyed reading your post

MilesPerHour said...

Sounds like a list of things you're grateful for. I too, go along looking at the small things that so many people miss. Glad to see that you have taken the time to "see" life.

Ms. E said...

Fantastic post! I love it!!!!!

carissa said...

I think I might actually put some of these up on the wall. Just to keep myself in check.

I'm usually a bit on the negative side..

Anyway, great post!


Barbara said...

Lots of booze in your favorite things - be careful buddy!

Little things I think are cool:

Your dog loves when you come home.

Bobby Darin on the radio.

A really crisp, cold wind first thing in the morning.

A perfect cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Nice! i pretty much agree with every one of these things...